In which I scream and I scream about Ant-Man.

Check out Kaitlyn Plyley’s Other Movie Project, it’s an important and extremely well-executed discussion about non-white, non-male led films (I obviously broke this rule).


Hey men! Have you suddenly discovered a good friend, someone you might even love, has said something awful about women? As a beneficiary of the problem, and despite your innate cowardice, are you obligated to challenge your friend’s attitude (hint: yes)?

More importantly, are you also an inarticulate idiot? If so, wonderful! Come with me as we argue that women are indeed people while navigating the terrifying world that is friendship. And all in the internet-approved format of a chose-your-own-adventure!

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Review Time!

May 15, 2012

Here’s a review of the miraculous multiracial “Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man: Issue 10”!

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Mindscapes and Movies

April 7, 2012

The concept of memoir has been screwing with my head but it’s done and for completion’s sake I’m going to post it here. Ahem.

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